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Horizons Manufacturing Suite

Horizons Manufacturing Suite or HMS is a fully functional software application for handling both the factory floor as well as the cost accounting aspects of manufacturing. HMS is written in the same programming language as Dynamics (Dexterity) for seamless integration and the same look and feel as Dynamics. Moreover, Access (by Microsoft), Report Writer (by Microsoft Great Plains) and Crystal Reports (by Seagate) can be used to modify and enhance the numerous reports available or create new ones. True integration accesses Dynamics Inventory, Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order modules. Posting to General Ledger is as effortless as if you were only working in Dynamics. Horizons developed this product with the small to medium sized company in mind; true manufacturers, but not in need of high-end manufacturing software. Yet the application can do most of what the high-end packages are able to accomplish.

Both Discreet and Process manufacturing can be accommodated. Present users include beverage and food manufacturers along with mechanical, and electronics industries, and an entire myriad of specialty manufacturers such as jewelry and art frames.

Bill of Materials with Production Entry (Standard, Reverse or Custom Work Orders)

Engineering Change Orders (ECO)

Work in Process (WIP)

Serial and Lot Numbers

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)


Master Production Scheduling (MPS)


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