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Store Operations

Microsoft Retail Management System (Microsoft RMS) is a comprehensive, affordable store operations system that handles point-of-sale (POS) and back-office functions such as inventory and customer relationship management with speed and ease. Microsoft RMS is a complete solution that employs traditional and Internet technology to streamline retail operations and maximize profitability.

The system manages every POS, information and operations facet of a single-location brick-and-mortar store, yet can expand these capabilities as the business grows by providing multichannel marketing, communications, cross-platform data integration and chain building tools. A single cost effective package, Microsoft RMS resolves virtually every POS and operational need, and helps to increase customer flow and cash-in, speed up lines and tasks, control inventory, and automate purchasing with integrated Web-ready applications. Microsoft RMS is an easy-to-use solution that delivers the full spectrum of sales automation and management tools for every retailer, regardless of inventory type or sales method. 

Comprehensive POS capabilities

An easy to grasp point-of-sale system is key for smooth retail operations. The system has a customizable transaction interface with touch-screen options. It automatically looks up prices, item descriptions and other inventory information. Microsoft RMS accepts multitender payments, including foreign currency, vouchers and food stamps, and captures electronic signatures for credit authorization. The system stores and accesses customer information and previews, and searches and prints journals and reports from any register.

Operates with any inventory, industry or sales type

The system can handle an unlimited number of inventory items and can process any sales or stock method, including services, admissions, subscriptions and layaways, back orders and bill of goods sales. Microsoft RMS can organize and modify lot and lot-matrix items and track multiserial numbers.

Supports multiple inventory control and tracking systems

Microsoft RMS automatically calculates inventory replenishment by restock level or quantity sold, and supports multiple suppliers for individual items. The system automatically generates purchase orders, receives shipments and allows nonsale inventory transfer.

Enables multiple pricing, sales and promotions

With RMS, managers have control over pricing and discount structures, including sales and promotion schemes such as discount from retail, markup from cost, set profit margins and price rounding rules. The system also enables multiple tax rate tables and supports sales commission schedules.

Runs quick, flexible reports

Microsoft RMS helps business managers make smart decisions using accurate and timely data. The system can run thousands of standard and customized reports instantly; track return on investment from advertising and sales campaigns; and track sales by department, category and season.

Provides advanced security options

The system has built-in security with maximum flexibility. It can block or enable any employee's access to sensitive data. Every menu and field can be protected according to a cashier's security level and the system can grant or deny permission to individual cashiers for a wide range of POS operations.

Enhances customer management and marketing

Microsoft RMS makes it simple to track and manage individual customer accounts and relationships. The system provides 15 user-defined fields for customer data, and has the ability to look up, adjust and track invoices, sales records and activities for specific customer accounts.

Streamlines employee management

The solution stores, tracks and manages employee information; tracks sales commissions; and maintains time-clock and timecard reports.

Supports Internet applications and integrates to multiple applications

Microsoft RMS is Web-enabled out of the box for XML-based cross-platform data sharing and access to orders and information from multiple virtual storefronts. The system integrates easily with other Microsoft Business Solutions applications, legacy systems, credit card services, wireless and mobile devices, and the Web for B2B and e-commerce transactions.

Supports multiple hardware options

Microsoft RMS operates with a variety of POS devices, including cash drawers, bar-code scanners and scales.

Better cash flow and improved customer service

Microsoft RMS maximizes cash-in from each customer interaction and accelerates revenues from in-store traffic, catalog sales and phone orders. The system tracks customers' buying history, provides information on normal purchases, and displays up sell items to increase customer loyalty.

Power, speed and flexibility at the POS

Whether at one or 100 checkout lines, Microsoft RMS screens deliver fast and smooth sales. The customizable screen displays all important sales information. Sales can continue even when the network goes down or a transaction stalls.

Integrate fully with Microsoft and third-party solutions

Microsoft RMS integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Business Solutions applications to provide a complete suite of financial, reporting and business management tools. The system links with the Web, legacy back- and front-office applications, and wireless solutions for sales and promotions.

Scales for growth

Retailers can keep the same software, database and interfaces as their business expands to multiple stores and multichannel retailing. The system integrates and scales up easily with accepted standards and expands to e-commerce using XML-based protocols. Microsoft RMS easily handles VAT, the euro and multiple currency transactions. It is available in several languages.




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