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Established in 1981 as a consulting firm specializing in IBM distributed processing systems, and then, as a reseller of RealWorld accounting software, in 1996, the Company attained its' Preferred Reseller designation, the highest level attainable from RealWorld Corporation. In 1999, the Company was designated as a regional Authorized Training & Technology Center (ATC). RealWorld Corporation was acquired in January, 2000 by Great Plains Software, and the combined entity was then acquired a year later by Microsoft Corporation to become the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) division.

A regional presence was established from 1996 - 2008. Customers quickly realized the advantage of partnering with someone who had a real interest in their business success. The partner base expanded into areas of New York, Kentucky, Texas, West Virginia, Mississippi and Iowa.

The Company attained its' Microsoft certifications in March, 2001, and has a Microsoft Certified Installation Specialist (CIS), two Certified Accounting Applications Specialists. Although the Company is not actively selling the Microsoft Dynamics product line, it is still supporting Dynamics Great Plains in Microsoft MSDE and Microsoft SQL versions; Small Business Financials and the Microsoft Great Plains Tools Suite. In addition the company is providing support for all versions of RealWorld Classic and RealWorld Expertise.

In today's highly competitive and volatile environment, accounting software is still a strategic business tool. But many new threats assail the stability of any business doing electronic commerce. Although the world wide web has become commonplace in most business, too many companies are betting the farm and risking adverse financial impacts in this new risk laden environment.

(The) R.M. Pawnyk Corporation presents a new range of professional services centered around corporate governance, risk assessment/avoidance and security compliance. A person only needs to turn on the evening news, open the paper or read relevant news feeds where security breaches compromising identities, financial information, credit/debit account information, medical insurance/histories, are being reported daily. The yearly economic impact is in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and places companies large and small, at risk for poor or improper security protocols, causing significant discussions at the executive and board levels.

Also, many suppliers and business partners now do risk assessments on your business. They have to know the potential impact on their business if a supplier (you) is compromised and what damage to brand reputation, customer loyalty and financial/legal exposure such an occurrence may have.

If you have concerns about how your corporate governance is structured, or the ability of your business to identify, evaluate and mitigate risk, or what impact a disaster may have on your ability to provide products or services to satisfy your contractual obligations, you might consider speaking with us. We encourage you to visit our SERVICES tab.





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