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The Notices page is the most frequently visited resource by customers and interested end users. It provides pertinent information regarding product issues, releases and information categorized by product. The newest information will always be displayed in bold print to help you locate recent changes.

Rescue and Recovery Services

Rescue, recovery and data retrieval services for desktop and laptop operating systems at a flat rate everyone can afford. Identify, isolate and remove viruses and spyware that slows your system to a crawl and jeopardizes your privacy and security. Or if you accidentally hit that "Delete" key instead of the "Insert" key and your project is now "GONE". Trust your confidential information to a Certified Microsoft Business Solutions Partner who really understands your needs and Microsoft products. Restrictions apply - call for details.

We are amazed at the number of end users who leave their workstations powered up all day long. With the always on internet through DSL subscriber lines or cable modems, and the general lack of protection with inadequate or non-existent spyware and antivirus products, do you really think that someone won't take advantage of your invitation to  hack into your computer? At a minimum, turn off the network interface at the workstation. Many users don't even know how their local routers with firewalls are set up. No wonder that privacy issues and fraud are rampant, with little or no exposure for detection, much less prosecution.

Forensic technical and accounting consulting services are available to help companies prepare and deal with a variety of security issues. Call for a confidential meeting to review your management or board concerns.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

Try Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0. Order the 90 day trial of the new version of Microsoft Great Plains directly from Microsoft Business Solutions. Use the URL appearing below to get your free copy.


Service Pack 2 for 10.0 available for download

Service Pack 3 for v9.0 available for download

Microsoft Small Business Financials 9.0

RealWorld Classic & Expertise

Unsupported by Microsoft as of September, 2007. Call us directly for your support. Need to move up - call about migrations to Great Plains and Small Business Financials.

Realworld posting to wrong year in some instances (1908 instead of 2008). Accounting information may be impacted with transactions appearing in the wrong years. Call for resolution and workaround recommendations.

Product Promotions

 Horizons International Manufacturing Suite


Retail Management System (RMS)

Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

FRx Report Writer

Service Pack 9 available for download.

Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2007

Microsoft Point of Sale (POS)


Dell Neglects Small Biz System Problems

When Dell launched its Vostro line of computers for the small business market, it said it would make it more attractive for customers by not bundling  any of "trialware or crapware as its being called" junk. Unfortunately, as one reader reports, Vostro customers are discovering that owning the systems can nonetheless be quite a  trial. "Dell's effort to court the small business market with its new Vostro line of computers may be foundering. Recent messages on Dell's Community  Forum have complained about new Vostro 200s that fail to boot. The problem appears to be related to an error in the current BIOS or a configuration error in the image used to install Windows XP. Dell's response has been to ignore the issue, leaving its small business customers to fend for themselves in an effort to come up with a solution. This doesn't seem like a very promising approach to winning customer confidence."

Dell Customers Can Apply for Restitution: customers can apply at a new web site for restitution from Dell after a state judge found the computer maker falsely and deceptively advertised its warranties and promotional financing. The judge ordered Dell to more clearly disclose that most customers don't qualify for its free financing or "next day" repair service. Customers who bought Dell computers from a New York address may apply for restitution at nyagdell.com, announced by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who pressed the case.


Dell was found guilty on May 27th of fraud, false advertising, deceptive business practices and abusive debt collection practices in a case brought by the New York Attorney General. The Albany County Supreme Court found that Dell deprived customers of technical support that they bought or were eligible for under warranty in several ways, including by requiring people to wait for very long times on the phone, repeatedly transferring their calls and frequently disconnecting their calls. Dell also failed to provide onsite repairs for customers who bought contracts for such support and often blamed software when hardware was actually the problem, the court found. The company also refused to offer support when a support contract ended, even though the user had first complained about a problem before the end of the contract. Subscribers to a "next day" repair service sometimes waited as long as a year for support, the court found.

Dell and affiliate Dell Financial Services also advertised special no-interest financing, but denied almost everyone those terms. It often sold customers products without informing them that they didn't qualify for the special financing terms and then charged them interest rates as high as 30 percent, the court said. Dell and DFS also often incorrectly billed people for cancelled orders and for accounts they didn't authorize. The companies then harassed the people for payment, using illegal billing and collection practices, the court said.

The court will determine  how much Dell will have to pay in restitution to affected customers and will also require Dell to pay the state of New York the profits it made on these deceptive practices. In addition, the ruling prohibits Dell and DFS from continuing to engage in the fraudulent activities.

Microsoft's Windows Live One-Care free workstation scan seems to be alerting on a Trojan win32.alureon.gen!c which Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition isn't aware of, and assures the user that with auto-protect enabled, the workstation is secure and not infected. Placing a call the support center, an offshore script-reading customer service representative finally recommended that the "experts" needed to remotely diagnose this situation for $99.95. Either Symantec is calling this particular Trojan something else and is trying to extract additional support revenues, or Live One-Care is attempting to coerce users into investing $19.95 for a paid subscription. Using another anti-virus product from Sunbelt Software, CounterSpy failed to identify the aforementioned Trojan as being active on the system.  Whom to believe?

As if Microsoft's Vista problems aren't enough, Microsoft has come under criticism recently regarding its' Vista Capable labeling on new computers being sold. One would assume that a Vista Capable workstation would be capable of running any version of Vista. WRONG !!! If you plan on purchasing a new Vista computer with the intention of upgrading to a more capable version of Vista after the purchase, you may be at risk!

Microsoft's actual position is that for a computer to be labeled "Vista Capable", it only had to be able to run Vista Home Basic. That means a computer that can't run Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate could still be labeled "Vista Capable" even though it can't run many of the features advertised with Vista.

Intel motherboards with the 915 embedded graphics chipset may not be able to run all versions of Microsoft's newest OS, Vista. The Vista Capable labeling is currently being litigated as a class action lawsuit.

Bravo Yahoo !! As many of you are aware, Yahoo has attempted to put into place additional filters to reduce the amount of spam being addressed to email users around the world. Not only was there a major disruption in service, but major ISPs such as AT&T and SBC who outsourced to Yahoo all outbound mail services, are only willing to offer a $5.00 credit for the inconvenience caused by poorly tested, fractionally implemented and wholly uncontrolled updates. Assuming, one had the patience to endure the total ineptitude of the developers, the spammers have figured out a way to get around all the fancy filters, blocks, verifications etc., in a matter of one week. Behold, my email inbox now contains the familiar Viagra, meet sexy singles, work from home and the Nigerian scams that I was finally getting used to. To Yahoo, SBC, AT&T and others involved in this fiasco, JOB WELL DONE !

May 2, 2008 Let's Make It Easy for the Identity Thieves !!

"California's Riverside County Superior Court's Web site is serving up document images containing SSNs and detailed medical records relating to civil cases, according to a couple of privacy advocates. All of the documents are free to anyone who knows where to look for them. 'Searches done on the court's Web site turned up various documents related to civil cases that contained sensitive information. Included were complete tax filings, medical reports pertaining to cases handled by the court, and images of checks complete with signatures as well as account and bank-routing numbers.'"

Windows Live OneCare is still not ready for prime time ! Our most recent test of OneCare 2.0 lasted only a week. The suite constantly interfered with other Microsoft applications and Microsoft released utilities. A quick list of things that stopped working include: Deskmenu, Microsoft's OneNote, SQL Manager, ActiveSync, Dynamics Great Plains v10, all Microsoft products. Diskeeper, Printkey, WinZip QuickPick suffered startup issues. Realizing that Microsoft is not able to test all possible products before releasing its' newest offerings, one would assume that the beta testing is supposed to collect defect information and provide feedback to the developers in order for them to minimize any issues that a newly released product may cause. This certainly is not the case. Business critical applications such as Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics Great Plains (v10.0) ran so inconsistently, that we were forced to back off the install of Microsoft Windows Live OneCare 2.0. Our attempt to reload Dynamics Great Plains provided test data (company TWO) resulted in manually turning off the machine after 14 hours - a process that should take less than one hour. It seems that beta testing has turned out to be marketing and awareness centered in order to implant a product brand upon the millions of users who may become the real beta testers, after committing to the product by purchasing. Are the developer and marketing priorities losing touch with the real world? We seem to think so.

If you are a user whose computer experience revolves around the internet in an entertainment focused environment, you may gain some useful advantage out of Live OneCare. However, if your workstation sustains your business processes and your ability to service customers with some degree of satisfaction, don't go here.

ZoneAlarm ForceField: Compromised in sixty seconds. Check Point's virtualized browser security client, like would-be panaceas before it, fails to live up to the hype. Another case of creating something as new, and pushing it to market even though it's not ready.

And since I'm in a picky mood - hat's off to the FBI in not understanding that redacting a document still allows any users with half-a-wit, to copy, paste and expose the redacted text. All it takes is a CTRL + C. 

International Cybercrime Ring busted - the US Department of Justice charged 38 individuals in the United States and Romania with ties to organized crime in two separate indictments involving computer and credit card fraud.  The alleged fraud includes charges of phishing and smishing (soliciting personal information for illegal use via Short Message Service (SMS) text messages. Of the 34 financial institutions compromised, 20 were CREDIT UNIONS !  HELLO !!!!! Isn't this saying something ????

And finally, the good ole TJX (TJ Maxx) credit card fiasco.  If you remember, TJX whose substandard security led to the world's biggest credit card heist, leaking details on more than 94 million customer credit cards, fires employee for exposing shoddy security practices.  The actual breach was twice as big as admitted, according to the banks involved, costing TJX $118 million. Does history repeat itself ? and if so, how quickly ?


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Network Intrusions and Attacks

Throughout the normal business day, our network records and captures many attempts (potential attacks) to sniff out our network defenses. These logs are reviewed daily and trends are tracked. Most small businesses are extremely vulnerable to intrusions emanating from mainland China. They have increased dramatically and the most obvious offender's ISPs are listed as follows: - CNCGROUP Heilongjiang Province Network Blacklist Status=Clear - CNCGROUP Heilongjiang Province Network Blacklist Status=Clear - CNCGROUP Hebei Province Network Currently Listed - CNCGROUP Shandong Province Network Blacklist Status=Clear - CNCGROUP Shandong Province Network Blacklist Status=Clear - CNCGROUP Liaoning Province Network Blacklist Status=Clear - CNCGROUP Shandong Province Network Currently Listed

If you are connected to the internet, you need to review the robustness of your firewall, your anti-virus and your malware and spyware monitors. These represent three distinct vulnerabilities, and it is very foolish to think that just by having an antivirus product, you are protected from those individuals whose agenda doesn't include your best interests. To remain safe from these intrusions, you need to address all three areas.

Questions regarding posted information or requests for additional information should be directed to the address appearing below.








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