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(The) R.M. Pawnyk Corporation


(The) R.M. Pawnyk Corporation provides a superior offering with an economic advantage. It is clear that today's business cornerstones need to address the following areas:

  • Security reviews and assessments

  • Disaster and Business Continuity Planning and Recovery Procedures

  • Test plan resilience

  • Employee security awareness and periodic teachouts

  • Documented corporate policies and procedures consistent with business objectives and management buy-in

  • Compliance oversight and implementation of standards/controls across the enterprise

  • Educating senior leadership to the risk assessment / risk mitigation processes

  • Incident management and mandated reporting for breaches

  • Building all of the above against a known and accepted framework such as ISO 27001/27002

  • Objective reviews by external parties for various certifications and annual assessments

(The) R.M. Pawnyk Corporation is delivering content that extends beyond the accounting department and touches all areas of the enterprise, including distribution, purchasing, e-business, human resources, managed services and IT management. These insights bring greater clarity by identifying those factors and events that need to be managed.

To help identify these needs and resource demands, (The) R.M. Pawnyk Corporation offers comprehensive solutions for our  customers.
















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